Hepstar announces partnership with Ursafe

Hepstar, (www.hepstar.com) the API-based technology company that distributes travel products supplied by its global ancillary network today announced its partnership with UrSafe.

The UrSafe App is the first personal security app with hands-free voice activated SOS, fully integrated with emergency and law enforcement services in more than 150 countries. The technology enables users to trigger an alarm by saying a code word. Its follow-me function lets the user’s designated contacts follow them in real-time, with live audio and video transmission in case of an emergency.

UrSafe provides travellers with a global service that allows users to create a travel “team”, so that loved ones back home can see the user’s location in real-time and receive alerts in the event of an emergency.  Users will have immediate access to the nearest police, fire, hospital and consulate. Designed as a complete safety app, travellers can continue using the service when they return home by subscribing accordingly. The app will have a new feature designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community providing additional safety in cases of emergencies globally.

Through this  partnership, UrSafe will join Hepstar’s global ancillary network and will be offered during the travel booking process to streamline travellers’ sign-up to the app at the start of their journey. 

Anthony Oyogoa M.D., CEO of UrSafe, said:

“Travelling has always been a safety concern for individuals and their families. The way we travel and connect with people has changed and the ground-breaking features we have developed in the UrSafe App will ensure people travel with confidence.  We are delighted to join Hepstar’s travel ancillary network. Their expertise will ensure that we connect with travellers at the right time.  We are always working to expand our network and help all travellers feel safe wherever they are in the world.

Brett Dyason, CEO of Hepstar, said:

“Whether travelling solo or in a group, traveller safety is of paramount importance. UrSafe is a comprehensive app that uses cutting-edge technology to ensure travellers feel safe anywhere in the world. The service is flexible and can be integrated with an agent’s own site or app, or offered as an additional service after the traveller has booked. UrSafe will be a valuable addition for our customer-centric travel partners that care about the end-to-end travel experience.”

About Hepstar


Hepstar is a global travel ancillary aggregator and recommendation engine focused on optimal and personalised packaging of ancillary products for customers of online travel providers. Hepstar’s focus is on stimulating sales through the introduction and packaging of new and innovative products and services based on relevance to anonymous traveller profiles. Its recommendation engine is built to gain a deeper understanding of traveller purchasing behaviour in order to adapt offers and appeal to them.  

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