Eilago partners with Hepstar to increase customer convenience and confidence

Traveller expectations of travel distributors to provide safety, confidence, and customer satisfaction have increased significantly. Eilago, in partnership with Hepstar has a solution to improve traveller experience and create customer satisfaction by offering a service that meets all of these requirements

Eilago.com is proud to have created a customer-centric value proposition over the years. With more than 50 years of travel experience, Eilago pursues an endless passion for exploring the world effortlessly and affordably. The company upholds these values by offering a unique product to its customers. Eilago, in collaboration with Hepstar, introduces the “Cancellation for Any Reason” product.

Travellers can now opt for a fully refundable booking, allowing them to cancel their booking for any reason and recover the expense they may otherwise be hesitant to incur at the time of contemplating travel arrangements. No other service can build the same confidence prior to travel during these uncertain and turbulent times. Restoring traveller confidence will not only increase bookings, it will also ensure bookings are made long in advance, allowing the travel industry to manage capacity and services more efficiently and increasing traveller loyalty. Eilago aims to create an environment that builds trust and comfort for its customers.

The service offering is facilitated by Hepstar, a travel ancillary aggregation and merchandising technology company, and backed by a global reinsurance powerhouse to ensure Eilago can guarantee its refund commitments. 

The goal of this initiative is to promote customer convenience, trust, and loyalty, but the collaboration also paves the way for the possible introduction of innovative value-added products and personalised bundles using Hepstar’s recommendation and merchandising features aimed to improve the customer experience before and during a trip.

“Eilago.com is very excited about our partnership with Hepstar as our focus from inception has been to provide personalised experiences to our customers, while ensuring we address the ever-changing landscape of travel and demands of travellers. We believe that offering value for money, flexibility and freedom of choice is critical to building both trust and loyalty. Cancellation for ANY reason service made available by Hepstar hits the target on many fronts and will ensure Eilago continues to deliver value, freedom and personalisation to its customers,” said Aamir Saleem, Co-Founder and CEO of Eilago.com.

“We are pleased to partner with such a customer-centric online travel agency as Eilago,” said Brett Dyason, Co-Founder and CEO of Hepstar. “Our technology will deliver new and personalised product offerings to Eilago’s customers, transforming their perception of product value and appeal. Eilago’s new cancellation for any reason service promises better experience and happier customers.”

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