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Travel and the Metaverse. A word from our CEO Brett Dyason

Are you ready to enter the Metaverse?

With this new world moving at such a pace, it’s not difficult to see the potential and what the metaverse could bring to the airline industry. As airlines gear up to be metaverse ready we must consider what lies at the heart of this technology and what will ultimately drive it – data.

With the metaverse there is another level to data, what it can do and its potential to enable airlines to connect with their audiences. Data will ultimately shape the metaverse and data-driven businesses will unlock the true potential of this world. Insights need to be analysed and information arranged to gain knowledge.

So before entering the metaverse, think about the kind of data you already have, you will be capturing and how it will be adding value to your business and your brand.

From users’ activities the metaverse generates vast amounts of high-quality, reusable and rich data.

ML, or machine learning, in the metaverse is everywhere, and it will prove important in this world. ML algorithms will play a key role, which is exciting for data scientists and analytics companies like ours. For example, with huge volumes of data collected at every stage we can use this to help airlines provide better offers, experiences and ancillaries in the meta world.

As the metaverse expands and new innovations are introduced, there will be a need for new, additional data solutions and tools. Airlines will need to consider how to process and utilise the data generated. 

By putting data at the centre of it all, airlines will be able to offer a more enhanced environment while unlocking the true potential of this brave new world.


Give your customers Peace of Mind. Here is what we offer to create happy travellers:

We make it easy for our partners to offer products and services to their customers that address different needs throughout their journey, including those which offer peace of mind, financial or physical security, comfort, convenience or opportunity to contribute towards ”green” initiatives.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Refundable Bookings
  • Flight Delay Lounge Access
  •  eSIMs and Data Packages
  • Baggage Recovery Guarantee
  •  Trip Planner and Activity Booking App
  • Carbon Offsetting Contributions
  • On-Demand Telemedicine and Doctor Consultations Services (new)
  • Emergency, Assistance and Security Apps


We are optimising our optimisation features 

Our recent feature offers bundled products so that our partner can offer more products with less friction while increasing basket value and avoiding product cannibalisation. We ensure that the right personas are offered the right product mix. Customers can get more value with bundled discounts and relevant product mixes to help their decision-making.

AB testing allows us to understand customer purchasing behaviour and find the optimal product mix and marketing variants for different customer segments or personas to increase revenue per booking for our partners.


Are you capturing the right data? Here is the Top Tips:

Mistakes in data capturing are costly. The 5 most common data entry errors that affect businesses are:

  • Ambiguous data
  • Value representation consistency
  • Change-induced inconsistencies
  • Valid values
  • Missing values

In conclusion, it is key to identify and address entry errors and inaccurate data points as soon as possible as these will be detrimental to your data-driven strategy later. Validate data for accuracy, reduce duplicate data and retain essential information. Make checks to monitor improvement and automate data entry.


Nice to meet you!

It was great to catch up with clients and partners at this year’s events. It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces and meet many new people in the world of travel and travel technology.  

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