Intern Software Developer

Job title Intern Software Developer
Nature of employment 12 months fixed term*
Reporting into Technical Lead
Qualifying Criteria Unemployed
South African resident
Age 20-35
Minimum Qualifications 2 / 3 Year Diploma / Degree in Information Technology
Minimum Skillset Java software development
Exposure to any of the following web languages:
JavaScript, html and CSS.

*Permanent employment may be offered by Hepstar following the fixed term, but Hepstar reserves the right to offer same and no expectation of employment following the internship term is created by the internship. 

About Hepstar – Hepstar is a Cape Town based travel-tech start-up that focusses on the revenue and conversion optimization of travel insurance sales for international airlines and travel technology companies, particularly travel insurance offered to customers during the online ticket booking process. We are passionate about building and maintaining a proprietary technology stack that increases insurance attachment rates and revenues from the sale of travel insurance while ensuring customer needs are met and customer experience is personalized. Technology driven decision-making, AI and machine-learning form part of our daily lives of solving product recommendation and merchandising challenges. Hepstar has been recognized for its pioneering software, not only in Africa but also across the world having been selected as part of the world’s largest accelerator program Plug & Play in Silicon Valley. We are a team of passionate, dynamic and hardworking individuals, here to challenge traditional business models and incite disruptive changes within the industry we operate.

Purpose of the role – The Intern Software Developer will form part of a dynamic development team and perform basic development support and tasks under the mentorship of the Technical Lead. The ability to provide good quality code in compliance with prescribed commenting and formatting guidelines, as well as the ability to read and understand other developers’ code, are the key deliverables for the position.

HEPSTAR characteristics – 

  • Passionate about technology 
  • Self-starter
  • Energetic
  • Communicative 
  • Resilient
  • Solutions driven
  • Creative

Interested to join the HEPSTAR team and learn your trade?

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