DevOps or Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


The following document outlines the key responsibilities and duties of the below mentioned Job Title, inclusive of the skillset required.



Job title

DevOps Engineer or Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (“Engineer”)

Effective date

January / February 2021

Reporting into

Head of IT

Purpose of the role:

The role of the Engineer is primarily to manage and maintain the health of the various AWS cloud infrastructure accounts and services utilised by Hepstar in keeping with recognised industry standards and practices in order to meet the requirements of the organisation and its clients and to manage deployments across the different cloud environments. The Engineer will provide technical assistance, resolve operational issues and implement cost-effective systems to meet technical demands. The Engineer will have full responsibility for the Hepstar cloud infrastructure and will report into the Head of IT.


  • Patching, testing and deployment of code (Blue/Green), including:
    • Configuration and updating of Hepstar’s deployment golden image (embedded artefact);
    • Storage and version control of golden images;
    • Updating of operating systems and all associated software;
    • Regression testing in respect of code deployed;
    • Post-deploy monitoring;
    • Logging patches / bugs completed on software.
  • Maintenance and renewal of web domains and certificates.
  • Management, analyses and reporting on system utilisation, uptime, response time, recovery point and recovery time (RTO & RPO) using New Relic in keeping with SLA’s.
  • Security threat detection, prevention and reporting, including configuration of related services and alerts.
    • Maintaining a healthy cloud infrastructure across multiple AWS accounts, including AWS services such as EC2, Elasticache, RDS, S3, EFS, Security Hub, GuardDuty, CloudWatch and Trend Micro Deep.
    • Monitor external security alert websites (Report on new threats).
  • Maintaining a PCI compliant infrastructure with regular audit scans.
  • Simulate disasters and recovery of services and data based on SLA and internal requirements.
  • Backups, reporting and management of databases and logs.
  • Cost-management through effective infrastructure service management and procurement.
  • Standby support to remedy cloud infrastructure related failures.


  • Relevant degree/diploma in Computer Science/Engineering/cloud administration;
  • Strong proficiency in AWS related services;
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel & Word.


  • Required:
    • 3+ years administering AWS services;
    • Experience with disaster recovery and business continuity;
    • Experience with DevOps deployment tools.
    • Experience with Linux (Ubuntu) operating system.
  • Advantageous:
    • Exposure to Spinnaker (Deployment tool);
    • Exposure to New Relic (Response time monitoring); o Experience with Google Cloud Platform;
    • Experience with following database servers: MYSQL; o Experience with the following code bases: JAVA.

Other Qualifying Criteria:

  • RSA permanent residence

Applicant characteristics required:

  • Professional;
  • Hard-working;
  • Good communication and reporting skills;
  • Passion for software development and tech;
  • Takes on challenges;
  • Adaptable;
  • Problem solver.

Salary Expectation: Marketed related for engineers with 3-6 years’ experience. At least 1 years’ experience in a DevOps role.

About Hepstar:

Hepstar is a B2B based technology company that focuses on travel ancillary revenue content aggregation and optimisation. Hepstar aggregates travel insurance and ancillary product content from various suppliers onto its platform and serves the content to its distribution partners through a single integration. Hepstar also maximises its partners’ revenue through the use of its advanced merchandising capabilities, including customer profiling, product personalisation, A/B and multi-variate testing, traffic splitting and dynamic content management. Our value proposition is to maximize our partners’ ancillary revenue by enabling them to gain access to a one-stop shop of global ancillary product content and personalise these offerings to ensure relevancy to customers and their needs. Hepstar was recognised as an Insurtech100 company for 2 years in a row (2018 and 2019).

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