About Hepstar

Hepstar History

Founded in 2013 Hepstar provides specialised Travel Insurance Merchandising services to online travel merchants. In a short period of time, Hepstar has experienced rapid growth. With headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa and two further branches in Turkey and Mauritius, Hepstar is continuously expanding to meet the servicing requirements of our partners.

Hepstar Technology...

is geared towards optimising partner insurance sales through personalisation, customer engagement, advanced promotional tools and continuous AB testing. Successful travel companies are characterised by a focus on ancillary revenue optimisation with travel insurance consistently featuring in the top three travel extras purchased by customers. Our easy to adopt proprietary API technology provides instant access to unique personalisation features and other promotional sales tools enabling travel merchants to actively manage their insurance programme and increase their insurance sales… or if you prefer, Hepstar will manage it for you.

Hepstar Footprint

With no geographical limitations, an existing footprint of insurance partners and travel partners spanning the globe, as well as the ability to easily on-board any other preferred insurance partner, Hepstar is the plug and play solution which will fast-track your travel insurance programme and ensure you have a customer-centric insurance service keeping you at the top of the online travel game.

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